Satellite Broadband

**Speeds now up to 22mb!**

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Now covering Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire and Gloucestershire

Poor or No Internet connection?

Being satellite based, it means no relying on poor phone line connections, in fact you dont even need a phone line!!

All our customers told us they had poor speed, unreliable connections and poor customer service from their previous Broadband provider

With our satellite broadband you get superfast download speeds 4-22mb and upload speeds from .5-6mb, all available with flexible packages to suit your needs from £9.99 per month + initial equipment and setup costs.

How Satellite Broadband Works

Traditional "wired" internet services connect you to the internet using copper phone lines, or if you are really very lucky, fibre optic cables. This works well if you live near an exchange, but less so if you live more remotely or even if the cables between you and your exchange take a tortuous route.

Tooway™ & SES use satellites. A small dish on your building allows the signal to be bounced from your computer, off a satellite and connect with the internet. Because Tooway™ & SES are two-way systems, the same happens sending data back in the opposite direction.

Because Tooway™ & SES doesn't rely on miles of cables to connect you to the internet we can deliver fast connections practically anywhere. If you can see the sky from the roof of your building then you can almost certainly benefit.

Isn't satellite internet slow?

Not any more! These are 2nd generation services that brings fast broadband to almost all of Europe. Many wired broadband providers can only offer speeds of up to 8mb and then still rely on you living close to an exchange to deliver those speeds. Satellite broadband doesn't suffer such problems and can deliver speeds up to 22mb.

How much can I download?

Each package comes with it's own quota, allowing you to choose the best package for your needs and only pay for the allowance you want to receive. If you find that your data needs to change then it is easy to switch packages at any time.


I'm interested, what do I do next?

You contact us and we have a chat to see if its beneficial to you.

If it is, then we make a convenient appointment with you to attend site and do a survey.

If everything's ok, then you can be up and running WITHIN 7-14 DAYS.

Yarpole systems will carry out the installation so you know it's going to be done professionally.

We have our reputation to uphold!